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Li Xin/Part time

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Provide long-term corporate investment and financing and corporate capital structure design schemes for customers, and provide legal services for corporate acquisition, equity transfer and other transactions; Acting as an agent in civil litigation, labor arbitration and commercial arbitration; As a perennial legal adviser to enterprises, he provides customers with contract drafting, review and legal consulting services, and works with the law firm team to provide non litigation legal services such as due diligence and legal opinions for small and medium-sized enterprises to be listed in the National SME share transfer system.

Academic achievements: edited many books such as selected cases of American corporate financing law and theory and practice of China's Insurance Law, and published many legal academic papers in law core journals and other journals, The teaching case "dispute over equity transfer between Zhejiang Fosun Business Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Changye Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd." collected and compiled with the cooperative lawyer was selected as "excellent case" by the National Steering Committee for postgraduate education of legal degree in May 2017.