Corporate Affairs

Filong has rich experience in the establishment, change and restructuring of the company, the establishment and adjustment of corporate governance structure, corporate restructuring, property right definition and property right transaction, enterprise division and merger, stock and bond issuance and listing, government approval and licensing, filing, registration, exemption and other businesses, and can put forward detailed plans, issue legal opinions and practical operation for the company.

The legal services provided by Filong in the company's legal affairs mainly include: company establishment, change and application for administrative license; Draft and review the company's business and risk system; Legal risk training for employees; Labor system and labor dispute settlement; Assist customers in transaction structure design; Carry out legal due diligence on the opposite party of the transaction; Draft and review transaction contracts and relevant legal documents; Issue relevant legal opinions on legal problems encountered in the operation of the company; Acting as agent for relevant collection, arbitration and litigation.