Financial leasing is one of the core businesses of Filong. Filong always adheres to the concept of "serving lease investment, standardizing lease transactions, supporting lease innovation and safeguarding lease rights and interests", and is committed to providing customers with professional legal services focusing on financial leasing based on high-quality professional team and rich practical experience. Filong always pays attention to the latest development of the financial leasing industry, maintains stable and effective contact and communication with relevant legislative bodies and government regulatory departments, and actively promotes the gradual improvement of China's financial leasing legal environment. Because of focus, Filong is professional. Filong has always been lucky to be at the forefront of financial leasing legal services, which is due to Filong lawyers' unremitting pursuit of professionalism and sense of responsibility.

The legal services provided by Filong for financial leasing customers mainly include: legal services for company establishment, change and application for financial leasing qualification; Draft and review the company's business and risk system; Assist customers in the design of financial leasing products and transaction structure; Carry out legal due diligence on the opposite party of the transaction and the subject matter of the lease; Draft and review financial leasing contracts and relevant legal documents; Issue relevant legal opinions on legal issues encountered in the whole process of financial leasing transactions; Acting for collection, arbitration and litigation of lease creditor's rights; Assist in lease debt restructuring and disposal of non-performing lease assets.